Aprilart Dolls
by April Norton
Star Spangled Sweeties.....These little dolls made their way across the USA!!!
To Russia With Love.....These little lovelies have travelled to the Largest Country on Earth from St Petersburg  to Bryansk
Meine Deutsch Puppen...These little Fraulines have made their way across the ocean where they now reside in Germany!!!
Great Britain
The following dolls were sold as a result of my ebay listings.  All the molds are available if you would like me to create a similar doll just for you.  The sizes range from 8" to 17". Although I may make the same doll several times, each one has an identity of its own. I would love to create a similar doll just for you but keep in mind each doll is unique and I never duplicate.  Click on the thumbnail for a better view!
  click on each picture for a complete enlargement.
New Zealand
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