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  I am so pleased to be taking part in Dolls Magazine's EXPO again this year!   Please feel free to peruse my entire site.  If there is a porcelain doll you would like "made to order", please feel free to contact me as all molds are available.
 Prices are in US dollars.  I accept Master Card, Visa as well as Paypal .  I ship worldwide by Canada Post.  Your doll will be packed with utmost care to arrive safely to your home.  Please Contact me to purchase any of these dolls.  Happy Browsing!
Cherish as Tin Man
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Lexy US$429.00  
Adorable Lexy is such a sweet little doll. Who can resist her?  She is 8" and made from a sculpt called Dimples by Dianna Effner. She has been poured in lovely mocha porcelain and is jointed at the hips, shoulders and neck.
Several firings have been performed and layers of fine china paint to produce those smiling dark almond eyes, tiny lashes and brows and soft complexion that compliment her warm skintone. Her dark brown mohair wig looks so cute tousled and spotted with tiny bows/
Lexy wears a sweet cotton dress with mauve ducks throughout. her it has a dotted ribbon sash and  features shoulder ruffles and matching bloomers trimmed with the same heirloom lace that is on the dress. Ankle socks and purple shoes complete her outfit.
She comes with gingerbread girl a COD and stand. buyer can choose wig
Lark of the High Seas repaint SOLD
Lark is a 14" BJD doll sculpted by Helen Kish and manufactured by Kish and company as one or her Crysalis collection.   Helen's sculpts are so beautiful and I have endeavoured to repaint a handful of them.
I had just starting on working on "Lark of the High Seas" when some acetone leaked onto my hand while I was holding her and it removed some of the shiny coating on her chest and upper back. It was a lesson learned. It turns out even though her lovely head is vinyl, the body is a coated material like plastic that dulls when directly in contact to acetone. I decided some body art was in order and painted a floral pattern in the dulled area. It doesn't take away from her beauty and is completely hidden in her swashbuckler outfit.
All Lark's factory paint was removed and has been replaced with high pigment  acrylics to produce her beautiful aqua eyes that remind me of the Caribbean Sea.  Extra care given to details with her brows and lashes, full mouth and soft complexion. Her whole body has been lightly contour blushed and her lovey hands and feet sport a light mai/pedi.
She has been sealed with MSC to enhance and maintain her beauty. Lark comes fully dressed in her swashbuckler outft complete with sword and Tricorn hat. She comes in her Crysalis box with shipper and a COA
Zoe  $650.00 
meet Zoe!  
She is one of my favorite Dianna Effner's Portrait sculpts! (number 7)
Zoe is full porcelain, 14 inches with 5 points of articulation.  She has been carefully painted with several layers of fine china paint to produce her riveting turquois/blue eyes, delicate brows and generous lashes, soft complexion and sweet full mouth. I love her serene look.
Zoe's pretty summer dress is made from soft cotton fabric with tiny pink roses. Details include lace on the bodice and skirt. Her gorgeous short sleeved sweater is perfect for the cooler days as is the matching tam. They were both made by a friend, Diana Sullivan.  The dress and tights were both made for Zoe by me. Zoe wears white tights and pink shoes. Zoe will come with her teddybear, a COA and stand.

Amelia  SOLD
Amelia is a 16”  full porcelain young lady.  She has been created from a mold sculpted by Dianna Effner named Big Sis Shannon.
 Amelia has had several firings to produce her sweet complexion delicate brows and lush lashes. Her large side glancing eyes seem to know a secret, like how many painstaking layers they had to produce the deep blue hues in them.
  Her whole body is blushed in all the right spots and she has a light manicure.
She wears an enchanting cotton dress. the print reminds me of swirls of watercolor paints . it has been accented with different tones of tulle including a half slip and sash. 
Amelia wears panties and pink slip on shoes. 
She comes to you with a stand and COA
Ruby Red Fashion Friends  Daisy  SOLD
Daisy is 14.5”  Ruby Red Fashion Friends vinyl doll with 9 points of articulation.  Her head was sculpted for Ruby Red by Dianna Effner. It is incredibly similar to the Little Darling #1 sculpt.
Daisy's original wig was carefully removed and the glue removed from her head. All her factory paint was also removed as well as glued on eyelashes. Her inset eyes were sealed and prepped to properly accept acrylic paint.
Several layers of high pigment paint have been applied to produce her stunning blue eyes, lush lashes and warm brows that would suit any colour of wig. She has a fine splattering of minute freckles that compliment her rosy complexion and full lips.
Daisy's body has been blushed  and has had her nails done as well. She has been properly sealed and glossed and now resembles a larger Little Darling number 1.
she comes in her original box and shipper with a COA and stand. She also comes with the lovely red wig as well as her original two tone blonde
Grace  sold
​Grace is the sweetest sculpt by Helen Kish with her demur side glance. I removed all the factory paint with the brown eyes and replaced them with baby blues, soft browns and lashes and delicate blush. It gives her a much softer look.  Her whole body has been lightly blushed as well. She has some staining on her head as is expected with a doll that has a black wig glued on. But the stains are contained within the hairline and aren’t visible enough with a wig without bangs.  
Then she was completely sealed. She comes with her original COA but not her Crysalis box. She also comes with a COA from me.
12" Ashton Drake Goldie repaint   US$450.00 
Say hello to Goldie.
Goldie is 12" vinyl doll with 11 points of articulation. She was sculpted by Dianna Effner for Ashton Drake.
First, Goldie's factory wig was carefully removed so it could be used again. 
Next, all the factory paint and glue were removed and replaced with high pigmented acrylics to artfully create her large brown eyes, delicate brows, lush lashes and mischevious smile.
Her whole body has blushing in all the right spots and she has had a light mani/pedi.
Goldie was professionally sealed and her eyes and nails were glossed.

Adorable Goldie girl wears her original outfit minus the hat. She does come with her original wig as well as a brand new sleek hairdo.
she will also come with her Ashton Drake wrist tag and a COA from me. She did not come to me with he box so I cannot provide this but se ill be wrapped nicely in tissue and shipped in a brand new box.
Bernadette  SOLD
Bernadette is an adorable Boneka Tuesday’s Chold sculpted by Dianna Effner.  She is made of vinyl and has 5 points of articulation.
All of her factory paint has been carefully removed and replaced with high pigment acrylic paints to create her fathomless blue eyes, delicate brows and lashes. Her flawless complexion is warmed by her tiny splash of freckles and her sweet rosy mouth.
Her stunning outfit consists of Boneka’s Regency dress, boots, socks and panties. Her dress is made from cotton voile gathered at the bodice with entredeux at the high waist and a ribbon sash. The sleeves have lovely smocking and bullion roses. 

OOAK Bernadette come with her alpaca buddy Alfie, her pouch, original Boneka COA and a COA from me.