Aprilart Dolls

 Prices are in US DOLLARS.  I accept Master Card, Visa as well as Paypal .  I ship worldwide by Canada Post.  Your doll will be packed with utmost care to arrive safely to your home.  Please Contact me to purchase any of these dolls.  Happy Browsing!   Check out some new pricing!  
Cherish as Tin Man
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5” Booboo $425.00
. Boo-boo is 5 inch all porcelain doll with five points of articulation. Several firings has been performed on her head to produce her beautiful lift green eyes, delicate mouth, brows and lashes. She has a little splash of freckles across her nose. Booboo is blushed in all the right spots.
This little munchkin had her shoes removed and so she wear a pair of tights and a pair of shoes I found that actually fit her. 
Adorable Booboo wears a cute black and white cotton dress. Tiny berets adorn her strawberry blonde mohair wig. Booboo will come with a stand and a COA from me. Shipping to Canada and US $20.00 I will ship overseas. Please message me for details

Say Hello to Siobhan
Siobhan ( pronounced Shivan) is a medium tone Little Darling number 3. This little beauty has lovely brown eyes with golden flecks, a spattering of tawny freckles and auburn brows. She has been blushed in all the right parts and has a light mani/pedi. She comes with her studio tag in her box with shipper. Shipping to Canada and US $24. I will ship overseas. Please message me for details
VANESSA $550.00
This is Vanessa. She is made from the Vanessa sculpt by Dianna Effner.
She has a full porcelain body with sitting legs ( if she was standing she would be about 11”.
Vaness has had several layers of fine China paint to create her blue eyes, soft brows and lashes and high complexion with ample freckles. 
She wears a short sleeved teeshirt with Buffalo plaid pleated skirt.  Fishnet thigh highs and black briefs. her kitten shoes and oversized Canuck hat finishes off her look.
She comes with the pretty little chest she sits on and a COA from me
Tracked shipping for Canada and US is $25. 
Sarah SOLD
​Li’l Dreamer Evianna repaint
All her factory paint has been removed and replaced with high pigment acrylics. She has gorgeous big brown eyes, soft brows and lashes and full mouth. Her body has been blushed in all the right spots and he has a light mani/pedi.
Sarah is wearing an adorable confection by Fran Smiles that compliments her dark brown curls.
She comes with her original factory wig in her box with shipper and wrist tag.
.  shipping to US and Canada $23.00
Tina $650.00

Tina is a 12” all porcelain doll sculpted by Dianna Effner.  She has 5 points of articulation.  She has had several firings to produce her deep blue eyes, soft brows and lashes and sweet  mouth. her body has been blushed in all the right spots.
Tina wears a lovely party dress made from blue silk dupioni.  Itt features puffed sleeves and a sash with an oversized bow at the front and back of the waist. Underneath her stunning dress she wears a half slip of twinkle tulle and white tights. Her beautiful slip on shoes are handmade and hand beaded by Cygnet shoes. In her hair she wears I lovely hair band that I tatted with blue floss. It has a matching rhinestone star  button giving a little bit of a tiara appearance.
Although Tina can stand alone she is porcelain and is breakable so she will come with a stand.
She also comes with a COA from me. Shipping to US or Canada $25.00
12” Marianne, Ashton Drake repaint and reimagined    SOLD
Shari” li’l charming $499.00
 Meet Marianne Meet Marianne. She is a 12 inch Ashton drake bjd sculpted by Dianna Effner. Original name is Mary Mary (quite contrary) 
All of her original factory paint has been carefully removed as well as her wig. She does have stain on her head from the wig and residue from a glue that just would not come off. It does not interfere with her beauty.
She has been carefully repainted with high pigment acrylic paints to produce her stunning blue eyes full pink mouth and delicate brows and lashes. 
Not all girls like to wear dresses and Marianne is one of those girls! She prefers her cargo jeans and plaid shirt. This outfit is a Boneka outfit. She does come with her original outfit of Capri leggings a little glossy blouse and a skirt with straps. She also comes with her Mary Mary shoes and hat as well as basket of flowers.
Maianne has a flaw that is really not noticeable. I didn’t notice it until I started painting but it is a mistake from the factory. The lower part of her left leg is a slightly different colour than the rest of her. I think you have to be looking pretty close to really notice.
She comes with her wrist tag and all the clothing shown. She does not have her box but I will pack her in a brand new shipping box. 

Shari is a sweet little 8” Lil Charming doll original sculpt by Dianna Effner. All her original factory paint was removed and then painstakingly replaced with high pigment acrylic paint to create her beautiful deep brown eyes, lovely complexion, delicate eyebrows and lashes, tiny freckles and full pink mouth. Her body has been blushed in all the right places and her tiny fingers and toes have a light Mani/pedi. she comes with her original underwear and cami as well as this lovely cotton dress and pink shoes.
Shari comes with her wrist tag in her original box with a COA from me.
shipping to US or Canada $20.00

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“Siobhan” Little Darling #3 SOLD
​Pepper, 19' Keepsake play doll  $650.00

Dianna Effner reminded us that children played with porcelain dolls in years gone by and designed a body suitable for childrens' play.
 Pepper is 19' play doll with a porcelain head and shoulder plate, forearms and hands, lower legs and feet. She has a ultra suede body with a plastic armature that allows for posing. she can sit and stand. 
Her adorable face has been painted with the finest china paints as well as her gorgeous eyes. she has nice high color with a spattering of tawny freckles. Her adorable face makes you want to smile.
she wears denim jeggings with a denim skirt and jacket over her turtle neck sweater. she can wear most clothing made for a 19' doll but she does need long sleeves since she is cloth from the forearm up. even though she can free stand, she shouldn't for any length of time so i will include a stand. Message me for shipping cost.  
14" portrait doll Jane $595.00
Jane is a stunning 14 inch porcelain doll sculpted by Dianna Effner. Her head sculpt is portrait #1.
 Jane has had several firings performed to produce her incredible light blue eyes, flawless complexion and beautiful Cupid bow mouth. No details were spared from her wispy eyebrows to delicate lashes. All her body has been blushed  in all the right spots. She wears a beautiful cotton dress with mauve and purple flowers and underneath white tights. A purple velvet ribbon is striking against he incredible red mohair wig. She travels with her knitted bunny as well as a stand and COA. She’s a heavier doll so shipping is $28 to US and Canada.