Aprilart Dolls
This was a collaboration with Fran Constant created for a lady in Tobermory who was an enthusiast for the Empress of the British Empire. Doll used was "French Fashion Lady" doll
Diana, Princess of Wales..Yet another comission for Fran and I for another royal watcher on the Bruce Penninsula. Diana, the People's Princess wears the dress she danced in with John Travolta at the White House. The mold, Diana by Donna Rubert was flawed as the head had a very short childs' neck and was unsuited for a grown woman. We would have also preferred the sleeves to be thinner but the arms were cloth in the covered area and would not have looked right. Regardless, the customer loved her doll and that is what mattered
Also a collaboration with Fran Constant. This portrait doll was of Madeline Heuton of Lion's Head when she was a 7 year old child in a wedding party. Madeline is the blonde child in the black and white picture. The dress was in fact Madeline's flower girl dress reduced to fit. Mold used was" Kayla" by Dianna Effner
Commissioned by Beth Croxall
this is an accurate portrait of her daughter.
the mold used was
Hannah Rose by
Donna Rubert

commissioned by his grandma Pam Hart.
Mold used was
Rachael by
Donna Rubert 
This is a Corolle doll named Vanilla by her little mother Claire (because she smelled like vanilla) Vanilla was so well loved her arms and part of one leg were hanging off. I carefully took the body off and made a pattern for a new one and then reattached her limbs one stitch at a time. with new stuffing, and a nice little bath, Vanilla is just like new and you can see how happy Claire was to have her back!

Portrait doll of
 Madeline Heuton's
 granddaughter Lindsay.
The mold used was
Smiling Kayla by
Dianna Effner
The following pictures are of Commissioned pieces. 
If you are interested in a doll made just for you, you may choose from any mold from my "adoptions around the world" page as well as my "up for adoption" page. If you don't see what you want, contact me for additional dolls available.
10" Little Lou
10" Emily
10" Bridget
10" Bridget
10" Allison
10" Allison
10" Allison
10" Allison
12" Nicole
13" Little Darling #1
10" Alina
(Little Darling #1 head)