Aprilart Dolls
Diana, Princess of Wales..Yet another comission for Fran and I for another royal watcher on the Bruce Penninsula. Diana, the People's Princess wears the dress she danced in with John Travolta at the White House. The mold, Diana by Donna Rubert was flawed as the head had a very short childs' neck and was unsuited for a grown woman. We would have also preferred the sleeves to be thinner but the arms were cloth in the covered area and would not have looked right. Regardless, the customer loved her doll and that is what mattered
​I am now an official member of Dianna Effner’s Doll Dreamers Guild and am authorized to take orders for all 4 Little Darling sculpts. Contact me for more information including Boneka repaints
      LD #1
Tuesdays child
Thursdays Child
Wednesdays Child Porcelain
Wednesdays Child Porcelain
Mondays child
       LD # 4
Completed Dolls 
All dolls on this page are SOLD. For interest in purchasing a ready made doll
 please visit my "Up for Adoption" page.  To order a doll of your own please email 
me at april.norton@rogers.com
Wait time is currently approximately 2 months
Price of porcelain doll varies according to the size.
Price of Little Darling Studio Dolls varies also according to attire and wig.
US$100.00 non refundable deposit required on all commissioned pieces.
 I will strive to make sure each and every doll is made to specifications
 as best as I am able but please allow some artist freedom. The results are
generally more pleasing.